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Nifty little sport says:
"Let's go out and play!"

Ah, the Coaster! A kayak so obviously aware that paddling is a SPORT, so eager to show you an exciting time. Novice paddlers discover a friend for life. Long time sea kayakers on the brink of becoming jaded exclaim, "At last!" Perhaps it's the boat you've been waiting for, too.

A thirteen foot sea kayak?

The Coaster is every inch a sea kayak. With its V-keel hull and well balanced wind/water couple, the Coaster tracks handily through all conditions of wind, wave and swell. Lively maneuverability is provided by the swedeform shape and partial hard chines, while its fine entry and small area of wetted surface allow for easy maintenance of typical cruising speeds. So don't let its length confuse you. This is NOT some tired old downriver touring design that somebody decided to outfit with deck lines and market as a "sea kayak". The Coaster was conceived, planned and executed a genuine sea cruiser.

Why make a sea kayak only thirteen feet long? Well, anybody who has spent much time fooling around in surf with a needle-nosed seventeen footer will understand. We wanted a kayak that would easily cover the miles and then maximize the fun once we arrived. With its quick maneuverability and extreme reserve buoyancy in its "Neverpearl" bow sections, this little guy will outperform any other sea kayak in the breakers. And those hard chines will fairly rocket you across a wave face. Surf is the Coaster's turf!

But that's not all!

Superior performance in the surf zone is only one of the benefits that come with this short and maneuverable cruiser. There's the secure and steady ride in choppy, confused seas. You'll feel more at ease poking around in tight places, exploring sea caves or running sea arches. Fitting nicely into short waves, the Coaster handles most enjoyably while riding wind waves and playing in wind against tide situations. It's a champ on powerboat wakes. Those paddlers who like messing about in storms will particularly appreciate this boat's minimal windage area and the short lever arm handed the wind. Seated in the snug cockpit with molded in knee-braces and solid side support, you will feel ready for just about anything.

But it is not only the experts who'll find the Coaster the answer to their dreams. Such an easily handled kayak makes an ideal cruising boat for smaller paddlers, and its quick response to paddle strokes makes it an excellent boat in which to learn solid technique. And it has advantages off the water as well. A smaller boat is a lighter boat, a fact you'll think about every time you lift it onto your car or carry it to the put-in.

The Coaster. Think of it as an aquatic playmate. Is it time you got in on the fun?

The Coaster was reviewed by Sea Kayaker magazine---click on Coaster Review here or open the "Reviews" menu in the sidebar.

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Hull Configuration and Features:

  • Swedeform--widest aft of center the opposite of Fish-form (for less wave-making resistance due to the finer angle of entry)
  • Shallow V-midsection with flared sides (for a narrower waterline and high secondary stability)
  • V’ed forebody (soft ride) develops into hard chines (resists broaching)
  • Little rocker at stern, substantial at bow (for tracking and manuverability)
  • Extreme flare and reserve buoyancy at bow (resists pearling in surf)
  • Hard chine center and aft sections (carves turns and holds an edge in breakers)
  • Strong V-keel in stern quarter (resists broaching)
  • Lower rear deck (easier Eskimo rolls and reduced windage aft cuts weatherhelm)
  • Higher forebody (for more foot room--to size 12--and a dry cockpit)
  • Built in knee braces (for security and control)
  • Balanced wind/water couple at cruising speed (doesn’t weathercock)


Length: 13' 5.25"
Beam: 23.125"
Cockpit size (inside): 31" x 15"
Depth at front of cockpit: 11.25"
Depth at rear of cockpit: 9.25"
Center of Buoyancy: 52%
Volume (filled with water): 12 cu.ft. (90 gal.)
Volume (Nautilus program): Sea Kayaker uses Nautilus (all the volume inside the shape) 12.5 cu.ft. (93 gal.)

Hydrostatics with 150 lbs. added:

Waterline length: 12' 7"
Waterline beam: 21.5"
Draft: 4.0"
Prismatic Coefficient: 0.51
Midship Coefficient: 0.76
Volumetric Coefficient: 0.00148
Wetted Surface in sq. ft: 16.37
Lbs./inch immersion: 75.2

Hydrostatics with 250 lbs. added:

Waterline length: 12' 11"
Waterline beam: 22.6"
Draft: 5.3"
Prismatic Coefficient: 0.54
Midship Coefficient: 0.785
Volumetric Coefficient: 0.00209
Wetted Surface in sq. ft: 19.62
Lbs./inch immersion: 84.8

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