Contact Us
If you have comments or criticisms, we'd love to hear from you by E-mail. If you have questions that will take more than a few sentences to answer, we find a two-way conversation  is much more efficient, so please phone. If enough similar questions are E-mailed they will be added to FAQ but if you want a personal response please phone (unless, of course, you have a hearing or speaking difficulty). We promise not to make you wade through a "Voice-Mail hell" to get to us. You will talk directly to Matt or Cam. If we are out please leave us your name,  phone number and reason for calling and we will call you back.
We're are no longer operating a retail store so have no fixed business hours. Calling in the afternoon and evening (Pacific Time) is usually best.
Phone: (206)367-2831
Fax:: Call us. We need to set it up.
Mail: Mariner Kayaks
P.O. Box 65011
Shoreline, WA  98155-9011