We closed our retail store at the end of September 2005

Directions to Mariner Kayaks Store:
Map of Lake Union and vicinity -- Lakunion.GIF (3209 bytes)

From the I-5 Freeway take the Mercer St./Seattle Center exit (#167). Note: the Mercer exit is just North of downtown Seattle and from the northbound lanes you exit from the left most lane. South bound on I-5, Mercer St. is an exit only lane on the right. If you intersect I-5 from I-520 (which enters I-5 South bound into the left lanes) you will need to move quickly to the far right lanes as Mercer St. is the next exit and it is only about 1/2 mile (and four lane changes in heavy traffic) away. Yes, we know this is stupid, but a crazed would be freeway designer saved the taxpayers a few dollars this way many years ago and commuters have been paying for it ever since in adrenaline, stress and blood.

At the first light after the exit you will want to be in the far right lane. Turn right on to Fairview into the second to the right lane (of four). Turn left at the next light (the road T’s and three lanes go left) and stay in what is now the far right lane for a few blocks until the next light where your lane turns right (only) on to Westlake Ave. North. Proceed North along the water for 8 tenths of a mile until you pass the large black "China Harbor" restaurant building. Turn right into the parking area at one of the next two entrances. We are just below the blue rooftop sign that says "Boat World" in white letters.

Store hours once were 11AM to 6:30PM (Pacific Time) Tuesday through Friday and 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. Now the store is closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Our NEW mailing address is:
Mariner Kayaks
P.O. Box 65011
Shoreline, WA 98155-9011
(206) 367-2831 (Matt's home phone # so just expect a "hello" or a tape message)