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Rescue Float Plus :

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The Mariner Kayaks RESCUE FLOAT PLUS was designed by Matt Broze, former safety editor for Sea Kayaker magazine, author of Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble  and the developer of the outrigger paddle float method of self-rescue. Matt wrote the detailed instructions that are included. Its construction, features and versatility make it the finest device of this type available.

  • Rescue Float Plus is made from tough 200 denier nylon with an extremely durable airtight coating of heat-sealable urethane inside the air bladders. This rugged material is much more durable than the cheaper nylon/vinyl laminate used by most competitors.
  • Rescue Float Plus is reinforced inside the paddle blade envelope, and the blade tip area is NOT part of the air chamber walls, so it is protected from the paddle blade wearing from within.
  • Rescue Float Plus has two separate air chambers for back-up reliability. Either chamber alone has sufficient buoyancy for any of the several rescues described in the detailed instructions packaged with the float. Our competitors cut costs (but also reliability) by using a single air chamber.
  • Rescue Float Plus has high capacity screw-closure inflation valves mounted at the ends of 5" tektane tubes for better grip and easier inflation. The Rescue Float Plus can be fully inflated in ten to fifteen seconds. (NOTE: Many of you may have seen a float that has a problem with its one inflation tube tearing out of the bag, which renders it useless as a rescue aid. This is a problem with vinyl elbows and vinyl fabric coatings. Since some shops have confused this cheap imitation with the Rescue Float Plus, we are forced to comment. We have never seen a problem with the more expensive tektane elbows and urethane coated materials that we use. Both the bond and the materials are tougher than those of vinyl.)
  • Rescue Float Plus has a roll-down closure with quick-release buckle so it can double as a buoyant, cushioned dry sack for camera or other gear. The instructions even describe ways to use it for self-rescue without opening the dry sack.
  • Rescue Float Plus is provided with a shock cord and snap hook which can prevent its loss during the excitement of an actual self-rescue. It can also help secure the outrigger setup or allow an alternate method of attachment to the paddle.

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